The prime motto of Unified Taekwondo Federation of India is to help and provide free Training and Education towards those students and players who are capable to fight and studies but not capable to pay their fees. 

Unified Taekwondo Federation is a brand name in Taekwondo Martial Arts Sports. UTFI's ambition is not to run a business. It has the ambition to uplift Taekwondo sport not only in India but at world level.The only mission of UTFI is to provide a platform to the players, Instructor and Referees of national and international level among the people of world of sports. We also want to Provide name, fame and honor to players/Instructors/Referees in sports world and public.  

The young generation indulge in drugs and in crimes. UTFI mission is to attract children of all ages and youth of India to the games specially Taekwondo sport. This also keep them away from drugs and crime. The only ambition of UTFI is that its players would be able to give extra ordinary performances at International, World Championship and Olympic Games. So, that children and youth boys & girls can hold our National Flag high at International/world level and Olympic games.

As earlier we mention UTFI helps the young generation fight from drugs and crime similer as It has another motto to prepare girls for their self defence, in todays society everyday our mothers and sisters facing lots of trouble, goons and many more situation in which they found themselves helpless. here come UTFI girls supporting programe, by which our Coaches and Instructor tought them basic self defence and trained them to fight with those wrost situations. This is UTFI ambition that every girl come forward and learn Taekwondo and make our Country proud and set example to those girls, mother and sisters who think themselves week and unsupported. UTFI make contact with Various Schools and Institutions that they also promote Taekwondo in their premises for the better future of their Students, and UTFI helps to be in it. 

Unified Taekwondo Federation                                                                                  India