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Dear Members, 


we define ourselves far too often by our past failures, thats not you, you are this person right now. You are the person who has learned from those failures, build confidence and momentum with each good decision you make from here on and chose to be inspired.


New Year has finally come to us and everybody is now spending the HAPPY TIME with the family members and friends while setting up the fresh plans for the coming New Year 2015. On this specific occasion, I should like to express my hearty thanks and appreciation to all of you who have made the huge contributions to the intensification and growth of UTFI during the whole periods of last year 2014.


Our country republic India is famous for its friendly attitude. I extend my hand of friendship to the nations who are Playing Taekwondo sport and for those who wants to do. I appeal to nations to do efforts to uplift to Taekwondo sport, and I also welcome all the countries who want participate in Internationals Taekwondo events in India for developments of Taekwondo sport. I appeal to every child, boys, girls and young generation to join Taekwondo sport. Our ambition is not to run business. We want to make every child & youth learn this high  class sport at every part of India. Because Taekwondo is such an art that is fill with the spirit of respect for humanity, Our Motto is to provide free training to those poor and helpless childerns who can not afford their fees, we have to help each others and most important help those children with game and education. In Taekwondo decipline is so hard that make this sport unique. We want to attract children and youth of India to the games specially Taekwondo and keep them away from drugs & crime. So, that the children and young girls/boys can hold Our National Flag at International level/world events & Olympic Games after being a proficient player. If a single child or youth from India could get top level in the sports world, it would be a great honor for Unified Taekwondo Federation of India. We shall think that we have our values of our labour and we shall help to make rays of hope towards others.

Besides this, there are a lot of opportunities towards us, including the Special Seminar first ever held in INDIA for the upcoming New Coaches from diffrent states, by this we improve the Tournament Quality. All the progresses made by UTFI last year are entirely attributed to the efforts and dedications poured by our members and we will never forget it. In order to make us professional and skilled, the roles of the UTFI Leadership Members including the Grand Masters, High-Dan Holders, are considered most crucial and decisive. 



It is my desire & will to work harder with the UTFI Leadership Members for the betterment of UTFI in the New Year and I wish to promise, herewith, I myself would serve well UTFI for the benefits of all UTFI members. We are facing a plenty of harder works to do in the New Year 2015, however, we must to the end implement those tasks and assignments by all means for the sake of the UTFI members. If we intentionally or unintentionally try to avoid those hard works and attempt to take an easier way, nobody can see any progress or evolution in the future activities of UTFI and we would eventually go into the desperation and despair in a short time. Whether we move forward or not is exclusively dependant on us and we should work together to bring the better outcomes to UTFI.



I promise to all my UTFI members I will do my best for making this dream come true and establish the great atmosphere and environment for those who get dipressed by todays game politics and controvercies. As I have highlighted on the several occasions, I can do nothing without the supports and collaborations of our members and have nobody to trust and rely on other than our members. I am always ready to hear any comments and advices on my job from you all and look forward to giving me more supports and valuable opinions to do my job well and I sincerely wish all UTFI members every success and the best of good luck in your life and works in the New Year.



Thank you.



President UTFI

SUBHASH DHOR Black Belt 4th Dan

International Player (USA)

Unified Taekwondo Federation                                                                                  India