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1st WorldMac Martial Arts Council Games


  • Start: 12 March 2015

  • Categories: Event, Seminars, World Championships


NEWS FLASH It gives WorldMac great pleasure in announcing it will be staging the first WorldMAC Martial Arts GAMES, in Bangkok, Thailand from the March 12th – 22nd 2015 (2558) We will be hosting the following disciplines within the Games / Championships, Muay Thai – Muay Boran – Tae Kwon Do ( Subject to permission being given) Pencek Silat – Ju Jitsu – Karate – Free Style – Sambo – KickBoxing, also including Weapons like ( Krabi Krabong – Escrima – Kendo ) this list maybe subject to change.

Unified Taekwondo Federation                                                                                  India